CD catalog and CD database software

CD Storage Master
A powerful program design to catalog CD/DVD/Blu-Ray discs.

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CD catalog and CD database software
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CD Storage Master 2011
A powerful program designed to catalog CD information, boasts a number of handy features for organizing your collection.
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CD Storage Master is a professional CD catalog/CD database software.  Manage your CD/DVD/Blu-Ray collection with lots of features for all Windows platforms.

5 in 1 solution: Music Catalog, Movies Catalog, Game Catalog, MP3 Catalog, Photos Catalog.

CD Storage Master can fetch not only file name, size, create time, modify time but also metadata even thumbnail of files.

CD Storage Master also let you exchange your discs info with other people through Export/Import.

CD storage Master integrated a "CD Cover Generator" to generate and print discs cover and label automatically.

CD Storage Master has friendly UI and let easily to manage your discs.

 img Features ...
  • Supports 4 type of discs: Data, Music, Movies, Games. Each type has its unique properties. 
  • Supports both real-discs and virtual-discs. 
  • Supporting fetch the metadata from following file formats:

Microsoft Office Documents: doc, docx, docm, dot, dotx, xls, xlsx, xlsm, xlsb, xla, xlam, ppt, pptx, pptm, vsd, mpp
MP3 Audio Files: mp3
Executable Program Files: exe, dll, ocx
Windows Movie Files: wmv, asf, wm, asx
Wave Sound Files: wav,wave
Unix Audio Files: au, snd
FLAC Audio Files: flac
Flash Animation Files: swf, fla
MIDI Sequencer Files: mid, midi
JPEG Image Files: jpg, jpeg, jpe, jfif, jfi, jif
Mpeg1/2 Video Files: mpg, mpeg, vob
Windows Audio Files: wma
Audio CD Tracks: cda
Adobe PDF Documents: pdf
GIF Image Files: gif
BMP Picture Files: bmp, dib
PNG Image Files: png
TIF Image Files: tif, tiff
ICON Image Files: ico, cur
WMF Image Files: wmf, emf
ANI Image Files: ani
PhotoShop Files: psd
AVI Movie Files: avi
RealMedia Files: rm, ram, rmvb, ra
PMP Video Files: pmp
MKV Video Files: mkv
AAC Audio Files: aac
APE Audio Files: ape
MP4 Media Files: mp4, mov, 3gp, 3g2, m4a
OGG Audio Files: ogg
DVD-Video IFO files: ifo, bup

  • Supporting parse JPEG EXIF (extra info from digital camera's, such as exposure time, ISO speed, equip name, GPS info, etc)
  • Supporting extract thumbnail from image files. 
  • Supports extract files from following compressed archives:
      Zip Compressed Archives: zip
      GZip(Unix) Compressed Archives: gz
      JAR Compressed Archives: jar
      TAR Compressed Archives: tar
      RAR Compressed Archives: rar
  • Supports "ZIP folder" function, which means any compressed archive file will be looked as a folder in database. 
  • Supporting download discs and tracks information and covers from Amazon webservices. 
  • Supporting download Audio CD with tracks information from Internet CDDB webservices. 
  • Supporting fetch discs and tracks information from CD-Text discs. 
  • Supporting search from multiple countries of Amazon websites. 
  • Supporting search by multiple field, such as barcode, title, artist, publisher, etc. 
  • Supports barcode scanner. 
  • Supports audio tracks management for music discs. You can free edit artist, title, duration for each audio track. 
  • Supports lookup data centralized management. 
  • Supports discs loans management. 
  • Supports contacts management. 
  • Supporting load discs cover from image file. 
  • Supporting print discs, tracks and files catalog. 
  • Supports "Duplicated Files Finder" function, which can find out any duplicated files in your database. 
  • Supports "CD Cover Generator" function, which can generate and print CD/DVD cover or label from your database automatically.
  • Supports 4 types of covers: "Disc cover", "Booklet", "Booklet-back", "DVD full cover". 
  • Supports "Active Storage Monitor", which means program would work at background and play sound when it finds new disc inserted. 
  • Supporting group discs by any lookup field. 
  • Supports advanced discs and files searching. You can search any disc, folder and file with any combination of combination. 
  • Supports saving for any searching design. 
  • Supporting print search results.
  • Supports "My Favorite" functions, you can add a disc, a audio track or a file as your favorite. 
  • Supporting export/import discs to other database file. You could use export/import function to exchange discs with other people or other PCs.
  • Supporting export discs, tracks or files to a set of HTML files.
  • Supports 3 different types of HTML files layout.
  • Supporting export discs, tracks or files to CSV files. 
  • Supports importing discs form Title or Barcode list file. 
  • Supports easy using wizard mode. 
  • User friendly GUI: multiple panes, can show/hide/move each pane.

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 img Features Comparison ...
Features Standard Version Professional Version Site/Corp License
Catalog both Real-Disc and Virtual-Disc Supported Supported Supported
Extract thumbnail from image files Supported Supported Supported

Parse metadata of files and extracting compressed files.

All files

All files All files
Download discs information from CDDB and Amazon webservices. Supported Supported Supported
Supports "Active Storage Monitor" Supported Supported Supported

Centralized lookup data editing.

Supported Supported Supported

Supports "Advanced  Search"

Supported Supported Supported
Imports discs from Title or Barcode text file Supported Supported Supported

Supports "CD Cover Generator"

Not supported Supported Supported
Loans discs Not supported Supported Supported

Export/Import from other storage files.

Not supported Supported Supported
Print s discs catalogue Not supported Supported Supported
Exports discs and tracks to HTML or CSV Not supported Supported Supported
Supports "Duplicated Files Finder" Not supported Supported Supported
Prints your company name and URL on reports and CD covers Not supported Not supported Supported
Adds your company name and URL on exported HTML files Not supported Not supported Supported
Multiple PCs are licensed for commercial purpose Not allowed Not allowed Allowed


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 img Features Comparison
  • Standard Edition - (for non-commercial, non-profit organization, school, home or personal use)
  • Professional Edition - (for non-commercial organization, corporation, government, non-commercial or personal use)
  • Site/Corporation Edition - (for commercial organization, corporation, government, commercial or personal use)

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